First Sache Col of the season!

12 January 2014

After the Hammer’s brilliant win yesterday I was in great spirits at the Gourmandine this morning, and the stunning blue skies and sunshine didn’t hurt either! I was skiing with Michael and Jenny, while Chris had Stuart, Kit and Louise, so we decided to head towards the little Col of the Sache for the first time this season. After a nice warm-up in the Lower Borsat we bussed over and it was lovely to see some different views. The steep slopes of the Sache have taken a lot of wind and weren’t in great shape but we found some soft snow followed by supporting soufflé to ski our way down. We then ’skinned’ for 10-minutes or so and had some excellent snow in the meadow towards the Glacier Suspendu. (Chris had his camera out so he should have some up on the Facebook page tonight.) It was good skiing to the bottom and we finished off with a very good Familial/Altiport.

Andreas was back in action today after a couple of ‘family days’ and he had an intro to touring session with Peter B and his wife Val, and they had a great morning out towards the Crete du Genepy. Thomas is off today and I’m not too sure what Henry is up to.

The avalanche risk has dropped to 2/5, but there have been several spontaneous plaques popping out over the past few days. Most notably above the Alti-port, and on the sunny slopes near the Col de Fresse. Plaques have also let go on the traverse to the Kern and one up around the Signal during the past week. The moral of the story is ‘beware and don’t let a 2/5 rating fool you!’

Gill is out basking in glorious sunshine on the terrace but a cloudy day tomorrow and snow tomorrow night are in the forecast. Snow tomorrow night sounds good but clouds in the morning isn’t very inspiring. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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