Wow, that was spectacular!

13 January 2014

The forecast for this morning wasn’t too promising but we enjoyed a lovely morning with stunning light and pretty good visibility up to around 11 o’clock. My team started off with a Jardin du Borsat, followed by a Lower Borsat, the off the Leisse towards my shoulder en route to a little ‘skin’ to the Little Borsat West, which was excellent. Well, excellent except for one turn that gobbled Geoff up and spat him into a ‘splat du jour’ of epic proportions. A twenty-year-old would have been proud of it let alone a gentleman with two knee replacements. Bravo Geoff, it was a beauty although a little scary to watch! After re-grouping we finished off a very good morning with a lovely Familial.

Andreas had a great morning as well and skied the Borsat and then the double ‘skin’ to the Borsat West, followed by the Familial and a Spatule to finish. Chris was skiing with Tejina and Clare while Thomas was one piste with the Millar’s from Australia, and Henry was busy with one of his HAT days.

Tansy and I skied with the Ecole Maternelle this afternoon for our Community Service hours. I ended up with a private with a little chap who was suppose to be a beginner, but after skiing the Village chair once I smuggled him onto the Olympique and we ended up skiing three runs on the Marmottes Express. Tansy had twelve in her group and maybe tomorrow I could help her out and give my little man to someone else. Andreas was busy as well this après-midi with Mikkel and his team of Danish Vikings.

It’s snowing lightly at the moment and it’s forecast to continue during the night and during the day tomorrow. Sounds good!

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