Absolutely brilliant!

14 January 2014

It snowed around 10cm’s overnight but up at the Fornet it was much deeper and made for superb skiing. Andreas and Chris persuaded me into the Fornet and we all enjoyed a brilliant morning with just enough light to have a real go. (Check photos) My team warmed-up with a cracker powder on the Mattis piste, followed by a run from the top in the Combe du Signal, two in the 3300, one off the top of the T-Bar towards the Col, and one in the meadows above the Mattis to finish. Andreas and Chris were both enjoying the wonderful snow in the same sector and everyone had huge smiles at the end of the morning.

I skied with half of Tansy’s team from yesterday and they were great little skiers for 5 years-old. I skied gentle powder with them all afternoon and they’d follow in my track, which was much smoother than the bumped up piste. Meanwhile Andreas had a fabulous afternoon with Mikkel’s Vikings up at the Fornet and Thomas finished his two-day engagement with Brian Millar’s team from Australia after a jolly good lunch at La Fruitiere!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

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