It doesn't get much better!

15 January 2014

Wow, what a magnificent morning! The sun was out and after a cold night the snow was beautifully light and after yesterday’s fabulous ski at the Fornet the team headed back for more. My team opened up off the Combe du Signal in Henry’s Gulley, which as a lovely little sharpener. From there we skied the sunny-side of the 3300 followed by an outstanding run in the Pays Desert. It was so good we ‘skinned’ up for 15-minutes to get the upper slope from the top before cutting over to Margaret’s Gulley, and then finished off with some bits-and-pieces to the bottom. Stuart the Sea Captain was on terrific form and stayed on his feet all morning long, even after I praised him, which is usually a recipe for a splat or two! And well done to Sue who’s making progress each and every day, bravo!

Meanwhile, Thomas was the first over the Col for a superb Col Pers and he followed that up with the Vallonnet. Andreas was skiing with Peter and Val and they started in the Grand Vallon before heading upstairs for one in the 3300 and then over the Col, while Chris was skiing with Tejina and Clare introducing Clare to her first taste of off-piste skiing, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself and skied really well. Henry was also in the neighbourhood and every one finished a wonderful morning extremely satisfied.

Andreas and Chris both skied this afternoon up at the Fornet while I had a family off-piste session with Gill, Millie and Katie. I was extremely pleased with the progress the girls made and was proud of their ‘Alpine’ tracks. Well done girls.

Sorry for the late update but I took 250 photos today so it took awhile to sort them out and I’m now cooking while writing as the girls are out watching the polo pony parade.

Clouds are forecast for tomorrow morning but I’m not going to let that spoil a stunning day. Wow!

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