A jolly good morning in flat-light!

16 January 2014

After yesterday’s powder feast the energy levels weren’t quite the same at the Gourmandine as we had cloudy skies and flat-light to deal with, but everyone was ready to make the most of it. Thomas wanted to ski the Sache so Chris and I kept him company and we had a really good morning. My team opened up off the Mont Blanc piste where I was skiing with the girls yesterday, and it was a good little warm-up in lovely snow. We then joined Chris in the Borsat Nord where I was terrorized from above by eight or nine skiers (guided) cutting above us and pushing us from behind. A two-minute wait would have given us time to ski comfortably and clear the slope before they had the place to themselves. Some people just have no patience! Anyway, we then hooked up with Thomas for a cracking good Sache and we all finished with a great run in the Familial. Meanwhile, Andreas had a 10 o’clock start and he skied the Sache as well with Sophie’s team and profited from some good light before finishing up in the Familial.

Thomas had a lovely afternoon skiing with Dave and Sue and introducing their pals to off-piste, while Tansy and I skied our third of four afternoons with the local school children, and it was jolly good fun as we both have a pretty good level. In fact, Tansy skied her 5-year-old’s down the Face de Bellevarde to finish!

More snow is forecast over the next few days and hopefully the wind won’t become a factor. Stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention that Gill tried Millie’s helmet this morning but wasn’t overly impressed. She found it uncomfortably warm and felt like she had a loss of hearing. Hopefully those berks who race around on the pistes scaring law-abiding skiers aren’t losing awareness of their surroundings due to their helmets?

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