Decent light and fantastic skiing!

17 January 2014

Another 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight and it was just enough to really give a soft cushion underfoot, and in untracked areas it made for beautifully deep snow. After a good warm-up in great snow off the Verte, Andreas, Thomas and I all hiked up to the Borsat Nord for a excellent run on the big face. From there I followed the ‘Chardo boys’ up to the Chardonnet, which was very good as well. From there Thomas and Andreas continued towards the Sache while I backtracked and had some lovely snow off the Merles, Alti-port, Fresse and Jardin du Borsat to finish. Andreas was skiing with Mikkel’s Vikings and Thomas was boarding with a new Alpine client, Hugh, who had a terrific time. Meanwhile Chris was skiing with Clare and Tejina and I’m not too sure what they skied.

Tansy and I finished up our week with the Ecole Maternelle children and I must say it was cracking good fun. We both had great little skiers and real characters!

Michael R finished up 27 straight days with Alpine this morning and he’s had a superb holiday. Well skied Michael and we look forward to seeing you again next winter!

It cleared up this afternoon and there isn’t a cloud in the sky at the moment, but more snow and cloudy weather are forecast for tomorrow.

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