Radio Wil is in town!

18 January 2014

We had a small window of opportunity this morning as the sun was shining above the Charvet, so after a warm-up on the meadows towards the Grand Pre, Chris and I headed to the Tour de Charvet. There was 50 to 60kph of wind overnight and some snow had been damaged but we managed to ‘sniff’ out pretty good snow top-to-bottom, and it was nice to have a change of scenery. Once out the clouds had started to roll in and the breeze was stiffening so we ‘skinned’ for ten minutes to the Col de la Madeleine and had good snow but the light had flattened leaving us to ski by ‘feel’ and a positive attitude! From there Tejina and Chris cut out to meet Clare and my team finished with a rather funky Marmottons into the Marmottes, which ended with some impressive bush-whacking at the bottom. It was a fun morning and well done to all involved!

I ran into Radio Wil last night while having dinner in the Taverne with the girls and Michael R. It was great to see Wil again and he’s taken a break from his sailing to be here with his girlfriend to commentate at the Polo Tournament. And thanks for a lovely evening Michael!

Jean has been taking photos around town so do have a look and he’s also just joined Facebook so send him a ‘friend’ request and stay in touch.

It will be another nervy afternoon in front of my computer as the Hammers are playing Newcastle at home. Come on boys!

Snow is forecast for the next couple of days and we could see a retour d’est, which normally sees the Fornet receiving a big dump. Fingers crossed!

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