Outstanding morning above a sea-of-cloud!

20 January 2014

Wow, what a morning that was! I awoke to fog in the village but felt we had a chance of visibility up high, but I didn’t expect to rise above a thick sea-of-cloud into bright blue skies. The Foehn and east wind did its best to blow some lovely snow in up at the Fornet and Chris, Andreas, Henry and I filled our boots with some superb snow made all the better because of the un-forecast sunshine. We all skied variations on the Glacier as the cloud bank below was a deterrent to going over the Col, but it was a royal day enjoyed by all.(Check photos plus the Facebook page)

It was Tansy’s first off-piste ski of the season today and she thoroughly enjoyed herself as she doesn’t get too many opportunities to ski with Andreas, and it was a pretty special morning to boot! She had the biggest grin at the end of the morning and her face was beaming on the way down in the bus. Cheers Tansy!

Meanwhile, Thomas is entertaining Wendell’s team from Canada, who are based in Tignes. I haven’t heard from Thomas but did hear on the radio that they were cracking good skiers. Oh Canada!

Some sun is forecast for tomorrow so stay tuned for more skiing news and photos!

PS We miss you Jean and John E is hoping to return around the end of February.

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