Ambushed by the fog!

21 January 2014

After yesterday’s luck with the clear blue skies at the Fornet we were expecting similar today, especially with the forecast calling for a mainly sunny morning, but we were ambushed by fog and flat -light. There was a delay on the opening of the Cascade chairlift so Chris and I dived into a foggy Grand Vallon and felt our way down until we arrived under the fogbank about half way down. It was excellent skiing so I continued down to the valley floor while Chris cut out to join Andreas up on the glacier. By the time I arrived back upstairs it was starting to clear at altitude so we skied a nice Combe de Signal before heading over the Col with Thomas’ team of Wendell’s strong-skiing Canadians. The snow was fantastic top-to-bottom and the top section was in the sun before we dropped back down into the cloud, but after a few hundred metres we skied underneath the fog and had decent light the rest of the way. All in all it was a pretty good morning with great snow and some character building ambience.

Andreas and Thomas continued on this afternoon with their groups while I had a great afternoon technique lesson with Nick and Jo, who will join us off-piste sometime in the future.

Full sun is forecast for tomorrow morning but we’ll wait and see with some optimism!

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