A lovely use of a flat-light day!

23 January 2014

After the stunning snow quality at the Fornet yesterday it didn’t take much persuasion to head that way again, especially with flat-light beckoning and knowing we could follow our tracks from yesterday if the clouds and fog rolled in. Chris and I ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers and except for two to three minutes in a fog the light was very good considering, and the snow was wonderful top-to-bottom. (Chris did the hard work yesterday cutting the track to the Lechoir and it made today so much easier, thanks Chris!) It was a terrific use of a flat-light day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the walk and especially the skiing.

Andreas was also up at the Fornet with Ian and they had a great day and a fabulous lunch at the Edelweiss, and Thomas was entertaining the Canadians in Tignes while Henry was busy with an all-day HAT course.

At 3:55PM it’s snowing quite nicely and the forecast calls for some snow tonight and through to tomorrow afternoon. Bring it on!

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