Ambushed by ferocious winds!

24 January 2014

It snowed between 10 and 15cm’s overnight but unfortunately the fresh snow was accompanied by ferocious winds that created havoc not only with the opening this morning, but worse, the wind has caused some serious building up of dangerous plaques. It was a matter of finding something open to start with and Andreas and I ended up working our way to the Fornet while Chris headed to the Funival hoping for an earlier opening. Andreas and I eventually backtracked towards Bellevarde as the Fornet was also slow in opening plus the snow was winded. I was incredibly surprised by how vicious the wind was on the summit of Bellevarde and it made it so cold I could barely take any photos as my fingers wouldn’t work properly. I skied one on the Fontaine Froide before hooking up with Chris for a very good and atmospheric Tour de Charvet. Andreas and Henry came in behind us and we all made the most of a pretty difficult day. (See photos)

I’m having trouble with my camera as it’s developed a black dot in the middle of the screen, and I need to crop around the dot. I’m in need of a new camera but will do my best to get some decent photos in the meantime.

A partially sunny day is forecast for tomorrow and hopefully the wind will die down. Stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention that we watched three Chamois set off a plaque across the way from us in the Tour de Charvet. One was caught up in it but managed to wiggle out after a short ride in the slide. I felt badly as the Chamois were only trying to get away from us as we spooked them while skiing down, but fortunately none of them were injured. And it was a jolly good reminder about how fragile the plaques are after this wind storm.

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