Fairly pleasant for a potential 'stinker'!

26 January 2014

The forecast was pretty spot on and early this morning the wind was howling outside the bedroom window and groaning through the chimney. Winds were recorded at 110kph on top of Bellevarde around 5AM and rumours of 200kph on the Grande Motte, which is of hurricane proportions. Blimey! With that said Andreas, Thomas and I all went out and gave it a go, and it wasn’t as bad as anticipated. Andreas is skiing with Ian while Thomas had Duncan’s team and I skied on-piste with Dave and Sue working on technique.

It’s suppose to calm down a little this afternoon when I’m out with Adam and his son Tom, so I’ll add to the update later. Stay tuned! (I’ve posted a lovely photo of Thomas’ family so have a look.)

PS Young Tom, Adam and I had a really great afternoon and sniffed out some good snow, while Andreas finished an excellent four days with Ian. Well done you two as it hasn’t been the easiest but you skied right to the end!

PSS Tom, Adam and I saw a young skier set off a small plaque under and beside the Tommeuses chair and he was swept into a hole and buried up to his neck. (It was the same hole that Penny almost slide into earlier in the season.) It was a perfect example of how a little snow can become serious above a hole or embankment and the importance of a good run-out zone.

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