Happy Birthday Chris and Fred!

29 January 2014

The forecast wasn’t great for today but we profited from unexpected sunshine that gave us decent light for most of the morning. We all headed towards Tignes via the Lower Borsat (Andreas skied the Chardonnet as well) and I skied my first Sachette of the season, which was excellent top-to-bottom. Chris and Andreas came in afterwards and we all finished up with the Familial. It was a great morning that was enhanced by the patches of light and the snow quality was very good as some slopes had been compressed overnight by the wind, but the Sachette was well protected and offered up some great snow. (Thomas started in Tignes and I’m not too sure where he ended up)

The wind picked up towards the end of the morning and it clouded over as we’re expecting some overnight snow, which should continue through tomorrow.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any tougher, the Hammers have a date with Chelsea tonight at Stamford Bridge. I’m not expecting much joy but you never know!

And Happy Birthday to Chris and Fred!

PS We’re awaiting news on Jean’s scan and hoping for the best. Bonne chance Jean!

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