I love you Big Sam!

30 January 2014

No new snow to speak of fell overnight and we had a fairly cold and windy day with flat-light to deal with, but it was a pretty good morning anyway. We started off in the Lower Borsat, which was very good, followed by the Rosolin, which wasn’t the best, and then a 15-minute ‘skin’ to the Little Borsat West, which was a lovely walk and a good ski. It was Sue and Dave’s last day of a month-long stay with us so we took it easy and avoided the Familial by skiing piste to the bottom, even though Sue and Dave took the Olympique!

Meanwhile Andreas had a great couloir morning with Catherine, Richard and James while Thomas and Henry were working together with a Swedish group, and the last I heard they were heading towards Les Brevieres for lunch!

Conditions were tough this afternoon so Adam, Tom and I ended up knocking the off-piste on the head and concentrating on some technique instead, which worked out to be a better use of our time. The boys did really well and hopefully we’ll get better conditions tomorrow afternoon so they can apply themselves. Fingers crossed that we’ll get the forecasted snow tonight followed by the promised sunshine tomorrow.

And way to go Big Sam for frustrating that ‘Moaning Mourinho’ and picking up a huge point at Stamford Bridge!

The best news of the day is that Jean’s scan showed no ligament tears and no new cartilage damage. He did have a small break in his tibia plateau (I hope that’s correct) but the overall news is very positive. Jean is already planning his return and a new pair of safer bindings to go with a pair of Movement Response. Brilliant Jean!

PS I forgot my camera today so only have a photo of this afternoon in the Borsat before moving on to technique.

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