Not the same story this morning!

01 February 2014

After yesterday’s great powder ski at the Fornet I returned with Andreas for more of the same, but the wind was unexpectedly savage and strong enough to close the Cascade behind us, and it was straight to ‘plan c’. We dove over the Col for shelter and had pretty good soft-snow skiing to the Grand Torsai, then nice creamy compacted snow for the rest of the way down. Andreas then headed towards Tignes to ski Les Tufs couloir with his small team of Catherin, Richard and James, while I skied the Jardin de Borsat and the Familial. It was a tougher day than expected but pretty positive nonetheless, and I finished with a little technique to help out the ‘Blue Dragon (Quentin’s Chinese name)’.

I have my first morning of the season off tomorrow and my little holiday started with a wonderful 2-0 win over Swansea. It was nerve-wracking as we went down to ten-men with 30 minutes to go but the boys were magnificent in defence for a well deserved and an extremely important victory. Thanks Geoff!

TJ arrives tonight and his pals Russell, Delores and Jeff are also in town so it should be fun catching up with them all. I popped down to see Jean after the Hammers match and he’s in good spirits and extremely pleased with his scan results.

A little snow is forecast this evening through to tomorrow morning and we wish Chris luck as he’s working on his own in the morning. Bonne chance JC and thanks for dinner last night!

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