A lovely day off!

02 February 2014

It was my first morning off this season and with fresh snow on the ground I had a moment of temptation to go off skiing with Gideon. But, having already promised to take the girls swimming and Gill waking up with the flu plus a stinking cold, the moment passed very quickly. Instead we had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup before heading off to the pool, which was relaxing and jolly good fun.

On the hill Chris and Henry were out and they enjoyed some great skiing around Bellevarde and Tommeuses and I’m sure Chris will post something on Facebook, and I’ve posted a few non-skiing photos.

Chris has been updating the photos on the website so have a look through the various headings for a fresh look, and you may just spot yourself!

Andreas and Thomas are also enjoying a ‘family’ day and we’ll all be back in action tomorrow so stay tuned.

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