Fairly unplanned but great skiing!

03 February 2014

I was raring to go this morning after a day off yesterday, and we had a fantastic morning using ‘plan e’! I almost headed to the Fornet but at the last minute decided on Bellevarde and we ended up having a rather ‘funky’ morning. After warming up on some lovely snow off the Mont Blanc piste we opened up the Borsat Nord and with the wind howling we could see the built up slab at the top entrance. I went out to ‘cut’ the slope and sure enough got the reaction we were hoping for and triggered a pretty impressive bit of snow! (See photos) With the entrance secured we had a great ski that got better and better the farther down we skied. I was thinking about the Sache but the snow in Tignes looked more wind affected and I didn’t fancy messing about with another entrance so we backtracked and headed back to ski the meadows en route to the Tour de Charvet. The Tour was excellent, especially the top section and TJ’s Shoulder was very good as well, and for the second trip through that sector in a row we spotted Chamois below us, which is always a nice bonus. Up until now we’d managed to stay in the sun, or at least in decent light, but the clouds from the Fornet were starting to threaten our light, but we managed to sneak in a good run in the Arcelle. The Arcelle was good skiing but definitely a little tougher than what we’d skied so far, and fresh legs from yesterday’s day off were appreciated. We then circled back around to ski a second Arcelle before heading home via the piste to finish off a terrific morning.

Meanwhile Andreas, Chris and Henry all headed up to the Fornet and they had some great skiing but had to deal with some flat-light. Andreas skied the Grand Vallon several times and Chris eventually went over the Col Pers to finish his morning. TJ is back and skied with a delightful American couple, Sandy and Linda, and as far as I know they were around Bellevarde and perhaps in Tignes. Welcome back TJ!

I must thank Laura for taking such good care of Millie and Katie. She’s been teaching them to make home-made pasta, almond biscuits, ice-cream and sorbets, and giving them a priceless love of preparing and cooking fresh food and experimenting with flavours and ingredients. Thanks very much Laura!

The weather has moved in and it’s now snowing again (at 3PM) Hopefully Andreas will have an easy afternoon as he’s out all day and at the moment it‘s looking a little wild out there. Bonne chance Andreas!

My great buddy Stretch will be crying in his beer after his beloved Broncos were totally embarrassed by the Seahawks in last night’s Super Bowl. Wow, what a walloping! But my friend Jimmy T and many other Canadians just north of Seattle will be over the moon with the Seahawks first Championship. Enjoy the festivities Jimmy!

PS Chris set off the big steep slope under the Grand Torsai this morning and ended up pulling his handle just to be sure. He’d told his team to ski one-at-at-time and set off to test the slope when it cracked in front of him. It was about 10 to 15cm’s deep and he stayed on top of it, but he pulled his handle in case snow from the couloir above was joining in on the proceedings. Chris did say that his ‘papillon’ wings came in handy and worked like sails to blow him down from the Pont St. Charles. Good one JC! The morale of today’s story is ‘beware’! The wind and snow over the past 48-hours have built some very fragile plaques, even in places that have been heavily skied and deemed pretty safe up until now!

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