A cracking good Sachette couloir!

04 February 2014

The Fornet was still looking socked-in so we all headed towards the brighter light in Tignes and the Sachette. The Borsat was closed for ‘blasting’, which was a pain, so we skied piste to get to the Sachette as quickly as possible. There was a group of Vikings climbing up in the rocks high above us and it made us nervous as there was a lot of slabby snow above so we opted for the Sachette couloir to avoid any potential problems. It was a good option anyway and the snow was excellent top-to-bottom, with the couloir making for some great ambience. (Chris, and TJ also skied the couloir) The middle section was very good as well but I was surprised by how the wind had affected the lower slopes, and the snow in Tignes in general compared to what we skied yesterday. Thomas and Henry were also working but I’m not too sure what they skied and Andreas was off so he did a reconnaissance mission above the Pigettes.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow so stay tuned for some powder news and photos.

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