A long morning when there isn't too much to do!

05 February 2014

I had an unexpected morning off at the last minute for various reasons, and when you’ve not too much to do you realise how long a four-hour morning seems. The rest of the boys went out into a tough looking day and everyone had a jolly good time. TJ and Chris skied up at the Fornet and found some lovely deep snow in the combes, while Andreas headed to the Sachette and who knows where Henry ended up? Thomas had a terrific morning skiing the Kern and the Spatule and he had a big grin on his face when I saw him this afternoon. Bravo to all the boys!

A few flakes are floating about this afternoon but clear blue skies are forecast for the morning, and needles to say, we’re all looking forward to that! Stay tuned for news and photos tomorrow and I’m sure someone will update the Facebook page tonight.

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