Boy, that was a bit good!

06 February 2014

Wow, what a morning! It was a ‘maximum-turn’ session of the highest order and the snow quality and depth at the Fornet was brilliant. TJ, Chris, Thomas, Henry and I all headed that way and my team was lucky enough to be on the first Signal poma of the morning, and we dove straight into 130-turns worth in the Combe du Signal. It was wonderful looking back up at clean mountain with just our tracks top-to-bottom, but it didn’t take too long for that to change! From there we headed upstairs and followed Chris into the 3300, which was superb, so we did it again, and next up was the Pays Desert through Chris’ Chimney. At this point we had a mechanical problem with the Pays Desert poma so my team finished the morning around the Mattis and above the ‘L’ for some excellent bonus turns. Meanwhile Thomas stayed on to ski the Pays Desert again and TJ and Chris had gone over the Col Pers to finish their mornings.

TJ was skiing with Sandy and Linda, and Richard Humphries came along. It was Richard’s first time over the Col for three years and he was well pleased with his performance as well as just being out there again. It was great to have you skiing with us again and bravo Richard!

Andreas is in Switzerland for a couple of days to ski with Jean Marc so he should be having a good time and Derek, Paul and Chrissy will be finishing up Chrissy’s first-ever heli-ski trip to Canada.

It’s clouded over this afternoon and we’re expecting a little snow tonight and through tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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