It's a winter wonderland!

07 February 2014

After yesterday’s brilliant day in the sun it was a total contrast today, with falling snow, flat-light, and the Pissailles entirely to ourselves. Chris, TJ and I headed back up into the weather and ended up having a terrific morning on and just off the piste. Chris and I skied the 3300 but ended up in a total white-out and needed to ‘feel’ our way out with the help of some periodic compass checks. Thanks Chris, I’d have never gone without you! Once back to civilization enough new snow had fallen to really make the pistes feel good and anything off the edges of the piste was deep enough to eliminate yesterday’s tracks from the equation. (Check photos) I ended up finishing at 1:30 and a late finish certainly wasn’t on the cards when leaving the Gourmandine this morning! Gideon had such a good time he stayed on and skied some more on his own. Bravo Gideon!

Henry and Thomas probably took the sensible option and headed towards Bellevarde and Tignes, but I haven’t heard how they got on. Andreas is battling his way home through the snow and will be back in action tomorrow.

The snow is forecast to continue into the early evening and gradually stopping during the night, and after a cloudy start in the morning more snow is expected during the day. Already it’s been the first proper snowfall that we’ve had all winter and I’m expecting a serious increase in avalanche risk over the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

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