Another fantastic day in the Espace Killy!

08 February 2014

It was teasing looking out my window at 6AM to see clear skies, but by ‘show time’ it had clouded over although the light was still decent. After a couple of days at the Fornet TJ, Henry and I headed towards Bellevarde and Tignes and enjoyed some great skiing on a quiet Saturday. My team opened up with a good run on the Fontaine Froide, followed by on off the Verte en route to the Borsat, which opened just as we arrived. The Borsat and meadows into Tignes were excellent followed by the best of the morning, a brilliant Combe des Lanches. Gideon said, “My God, where did that come from!”, which pretty much summed it up. From there we took the train upstairs to find out how windy it really was, and it was blowing a hoolie! We found some good snow in the gullies and then headed back to the Val-side as it looked like some sunny spells were developing, and we skied the Jardin de Borsat and Spatule to finish. TJ’s radio went dead so I don’t know where he ended up, and I never heard from Henry after Les Lanches.

Meanwhile, Chris was out with Suzanne who was skiing for the first time in a month, and they ran into Jeff, Delores and Russell up at the Fornet. Andreas is back from his mini-break in Switzerland and was skiing with his team that are going to Norway later in the season. They skied an excellent Combe du Signal a couple of times and were heading over the Col with Chris’ team last I heard.

Light snow is forecast off-and-on over the next 36-hours and a cloudy start is expected in the morning.

Fingers crossed for the Hammers this afternoon as they take on a rejuvenated Villa at Villa Park without the suspended Andy Carroll, who was just finding his form and starting to cause defences some serious problems. And ouch, poor Arsene!

PS And it was great to have Linda and Sandy with us all the way from Washington State. We look forward to seeing you same time next year!

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