Flat light but fantastic skiing!

09 February 2014

It was back to flat-light and wind this morning, and with -14C at altitude there were moments when it felt jolly cold. TJ, Henry and I all headed up to the Fornet and with the Glacier closed due to wind we skied the morning away in flat-light in the Combe du Signal, and managed a Grand Vallon to finish off just as the light was starting to improve. My team skied the L followed by four rotations in the Combe before skiing the Grand Vallon, so although we couldn’t see much we did a lot of skiing and the snow quality and depth were excellent. (See photos)

It sounded as if Andreas was having a good time around Bellevarde and he skied a couple on the Epaule de Charvet. Andreas is skiing all day with his team so they should have a wonderful afternoon as the clouds cleared off during lunch and the visibility is much improved as I write at 3:30PM.

Thanks for a great evening last night Laura! The girls loved it and it was wonderful to have a good laugh with Dolores, Jeff, TJ and Russell again. Brilliant!

And speaking of brilliant, what a win for the Hammers yesterday!

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