Strong winds and a limited opening!

10 February 2014

It was overcast and blowing a gale this morning, to the point of most of the resort being closed and leaving us with very few options. Still we preserved and everyone stayed out all morning and enjoyed some pretty good skiing around Bellevarde as Solaise, Tommeuses, the Manchet and the Fornet were all closed.

TJ is out all day and is skiing with some very strong French skiers. Solaise opened up after lunch so he’ll have a few more options and hopefully he’s had a good afternoon.

The Fire Brigade were out this afternoon as a fire broke out somewhere on the Rue de la Balme. We know several people with flats in that neighbourhood so I might go out and have a look.

Sun, thank goodness, is forecast for tomorrow.

Sports Report- It’s a sad state of affairs when you’re in a relegation battle and you can’t count on Man U to beat Stoke and Fulham. Very sad in deed!

PS Speaking of sad, there is a serious fire burning and news can be found on the Radio Val website. It’s quite a serious blaze and a woman has jumped out of a sixth floor window and is in serious condition. With the high winds they’re extremely worried about the flames spreading to neighbouring buildings and fireman and medical people have come from other resorts to help.

PSS In an earlier report I said that it was Richard and Dave’s building, but fortunately that was incorrect. It’s not Richard and Dave’s building after all, but it’s close by!

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