You're still a class act!

11 February 2014

After a tough outing with wind and flat-light yesterday we enjoyed a stunning day with wonderful snow, clear blue skies and hardly a breath of wind. Chris, TJ, Henry and I all headed towards the Fornet, which was closed all day yesterday. My team started in the Super L before opening up the Grand Vallon, and it was so good that we circled back around for another run. We then skied an excellent Combe du Signal before heading upstairs to dive straight over the Col Pers, which was lovely top-to-bottom, and good skiing under the Grand Torsai is always a bonus! TJ, Chris and Henry spent a brilliant morning on the Pissailles before heading over the Col.

Meanwhile Andreas headed to Tignes and opened the Borsat, then skied the Chardonnet and Sache, all of which were excellent, and he, TJ and Chris are still at it this afternoon. Fill your boots boys!

Sun is forecast again for tomorrow so stay tuned for more news and photos.

Happy Birthday Pete and hopefully the Hammers can deliver a birthday win tonight at Upton Park. Come on boys!

PS I’d like to say what a fabulous job TJ is doing. He’s only here two or three weeks a season now and over the past few days he’s had really strong skiers all-day long and TJ’s entertained them with some fantastic skiing on big, big slopes. Today he’s had a group of youngsters who’re less than half his age and who normally ski in La Grave, and TJ’s out skiing couloirs and the Banane and rolling back the years. Bravo TJ, I’m proud of you and you’re still a class act! (And bravo to you too Andreas!)

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