A really fun morning in zero vis!

13 February 2014

I went to bed last night thinking we were in for a horrid day according to the forecast, but I awoke to pretty clear skies at 7AM, and was so optimistic about the skiing that I left home without my goggles. What a big mistake that turned out to be! By the time Chris and I (only ones working) arrived at the Fornet it was snowing and just starting to blow, and I was fairly blind for the rest of the morning. But as Jean Marc would say, “there is nothing to see!” so it didn’t really matter too much. Anyway, I skied with Frans and Gill and we started in the Combe du Signal en route to the Glacier where we skied half on-piste and half off, and we had a cracking good morning. Chris was skiing with Mike from Ireland and Simon and his son Tim. We haven’t seen Simon in years and it was great to see him back and Tim came fourth last week in the World Ice Climbing Championships. Bravo Tim!

We definitely had the best of the day as it wasn’t too windy on the Pissailles this morning and the snow was beautiful, but it’s blowing a hoolie now at 3:40PM and the forecast for tomorrow isn’t good. Snow with high winds are expected tonight and the avalanche risk is forecast to raise to 4/5, so tomorrow may be a little delicate! Stay tuned!

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