Another good man down!

14 February 2014

After winds of over 100kph during the night Bellevarde opened up on time and we were off and running, although everything else was pretty slow in opening. The Fornet was out of the equation with a power cut and the Borsat remained closed all morning so our options were limited, but we managed to put together a pretty jolly good morning.

My team started with a ‘leg-burning’ Face de Bellevarde, followed by a play off the Verte en route to an excellent top-half of the Familial. Chris was in front and said the bottom wasn’t so good so we cut out back to the Tommeuses chair. Thanks Chris! From there we made our way to the Grand Pre for some beautiful snow and continued down the Epaule de Charvet and into the Santon. I then took a chance on something opening at the Fornet and we skied a decent Super L and then two runs great runs off the Mangard just as the cable car opened. Lucky us!

Meanwhile Chris continued on around Bellevarde and Andreas ended up in Tignes skiing around the Alti-port, Lower Chardonnet and Col du Palet. Andreas’ day was marred by and injury to Frans, who took and innocent little fall onto the piste and broke a bone in his shoulder. I’m not too sure which bone and how serious it is, but Frans is definitely out of action for a while. Frans has been skiing beautifully and is just coming back from a broken ankle in January 2013, and it’s really bad luck. We’re all hoping it isn’t too bad Frans and hopefully you will be ready for your skiing in March. Fingers crossed!

Millie and Katie are getting excited as their cousins arrive tomorrow and TJ is equally happy as two of his children, Rollie and Oscar, also arrive tomorrow. Should be fun! (Gill is also pretty excited about seeing her sister Viv)

Stay tuned for news, weather and sports again tomorrow!

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