A really enjoyable day out of tricky conditions

15 February 2014

After a promising looking sky around 7AM by show-time the skies had clouded over and the wind was strong enough to keep the Fornet, Solaise, the Olympique, and the Borsat closed. In fact, so little was open that the STVI were selling lift tickets at half-price! So far it sounds like a ‘stinker’ brewing, doesn’t it? But Chris and I bussed down to the Funival and made it up the mountain fairly quickly and we ended up have a really enjoying morning considering the rubbish conditions. I spent some time working on technique with Gideon, Mike and Mary Anne and when the Tommeuses opened we were poised to get on quickly and be the first ones into the Familial, which was really good fun. We needed to follow strips of creamy soufflé and gullies with 10 to 15cm’s of soft snow but it was much better than it look from afar. We also skied the Fontaine Froide, the Campanules and another Familial during the morning, mixed in with more technique. Thankfully it was Saturday and quiet because with so little open it would have been a nightmare had it been mid-week when the resort was full and everyone in town was still keen. Well done to Chris’ and my team for hanging in there with positive attitudes!

The girls are out all day with the Club des Sports so I took Gill out for the afternoon as the pistes were in superb condition with it being so warm (12C in the village), and we had a great dynamic ski and covered a lot of ground. We met up with Viv, Cliff, Wis, Rosie and Sam towards the end of the afternoon and Gill is still out there now.

A little snow is forecast this evening and should continue through the day tomorrow with the wind dropping considerably, so we should have something to ski in the morning. Stay tuned!

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