Snow just in time for the Parisians!

16 February 2014

It snowed lightly overnight but I didn’t think it snowed enough to make too much of a difference, so I took the morning off to ski with the family. The girls cousins Wils and Rosie are here with Viv and her husband Cliff and Cliff’s son Sam, so we had a pretty big group. We skied half on and half off-piste for a couple of hours then Wils, Gill and I went off and had a wonderful ski in the Borsat Nord, Combe des Lanches and the Familial. (See photos) It had snowed much more than I thought and I feel badly about not dragging Gideon out this morning. Sorry Gideon!

Everyone is off today but TJ is out there somewhere with his sons Rollie and Oscar, and Gideon is out skiing as well and I’m sure he’ll sniff himself out some nice snow.

It has snowed all day and the wind has dropped so we should be in for a great day tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Thomas has been working with Philip’s family.

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