Wow, that was special!

17 February 2014

After a beautiful snowfall without any wind and minus-12C temperatures at altitude we savoured perhaps the best morning of the season, if not a top three without a doubt! It was stunning with a fresh canvas combined with a rare snow quality, and today was a real reward for our perseverance through the wind and flat-light of late. I had the pleasure of TJ’s sons Rollie and Oscar (my God-son) along with new clients Glyn and his daughter Alice and son Ben, and Gill, and it was absolutely wonderful. TJ, Chris, Andreas and I were all up at the Fornet and everyone agreed that it doesn’t really get any better as we were first in everywhere we went and we stayed ahead of the crowds and seemed to be on our own in a fairly full resort. Gideon asked ‘how do you follow up a morning like that?’, to which I really didn‘t have an answer! Bravo boys! (Photos and Facebook tell the story)

I returned to the Fornet with Dave and Sandy for an initiation off-piste combined with a technique session, and they had a great time and will hopefully be ready to join our groups soon. Well done you two!

A decent day is forecast again for tomorrow but we may need to walk for ten minutes here-and-there, but we should be in for another great day tomorrow. Log-on again tomorrow for more news!

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