A good one to miss!

19 February 2014

I had my first day off due to injury in about twenty years today, but hopefully I’ll be able to ski again tomorrow. Gill’s been giving me treatments, I’ve been to the spa and have been doing lots of gentle Pilates exercises, and it’s starting to ease off.

Thanks to TJ for taking my group this morning including my nephew Wils, and by all accounts it was a fairly tough morning with flat light and warm and sometimes sticky snow. But as usual, all the boys made the best of it and put on a pretty good. Bravo boys!

Millie has just come in at 5:45 after taking the last lift again with her cousin Wils, Rosie, Viv, Cliff and Sam. Well done everyone as it wasn’t that nice of an afternoon!

Sunshine is forecast for tomorrow, which should make life easier. Stay tuned and come on you Gunners!

PS There was a huge avalanche set off by a boarder yesterday in the Foglietta in St Foy. Fortunately no one was seriously injured or killed.

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