Happy to be back and what a day!

20 February 2014

After really struggling yesterday Gill put me back together with three Physio sessions and some Voltarol (from John E), and thankfully I managed to work all day today. Thanks Gill! Anyway, Chris, Andreas, TJ and I all headed to the Fornet in brilliant sunshine for a fantastic Glacier Pers, which was a lovely walk rewarded with excellent skiing top-to-bottom. The Grand Torsai, which was stunning and perhaps the best we’ve skied it in ten-years on Monday, has taken heat, wind, and a lot of traffic since and we weren’t expecting much, but it was a pleasant surprise and nice finish to a great morning. As Gideon said, “ that was the best bad Grand Torsai ever”, but maybe you needed to be there to appreciated that one!

TJ had Oscar ‘skinning’ for his first time and he and Rollie have had a wonderful holiday with their Dad and skied really well. Bravo boys! Millie and Katie are running around town with their cousins and going to the Billabong/Roxie Burger Bar for supper. I wish I was invited! Thomas has had a great week skiing on-piste with Philip’s team so we haven’t seen too much of him lately.

It’s forecast to cloud over and start snowing tonight so hopefully we’ll get enough of a cushion to enjoy ourselves in the flat-light tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- I think the English teams would have a much better chance if they managed to play with 11 men once in a while! What a bummer! But I must say I’m pleased with Canada’s performance in the Olympics with a few gold medal chances still to come. Oh Canada!

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