Way to go Wils!

21 February 2014

It was a funny start to the morning with decent visibility around 7AM, followed by huge snowflakes falling at the Gourmandine and looking set to continue all day, followed by a sudden and unexpected clearing and a bit of sun until ten o’clock before snow and flat-light took over for the rest of the morning. When leaving home this morning I wasn’t expecting too much but we were all pleasantly surprised with a cushion of fresh snow and excellent snow quality off-piste. Chris and I skied off the Verte and the Borsat and meadows en route to the Sachette, which was fantastic top-to-bottom. I then finished off with a cracking Familial and everyone went home happy. My nephew Wils skied with us and he did himself proud, (see photos) and he’s decided he much prefers this off-piste routine to piste skiing. Well done Wils!

Meanwhile Andreas also had a great morning and skied the Borsat, Balme, Spatule and Familial and I’m not too sure what TJ, Oscar and Rollie were skiing.

We’ve a good forecast for tomorrow and John and Margaret are planning their return after John’s accident in early December.

I’m incredibly pleased with Canada’s performance at the Olympics and Andreas is extremely happy with Sweden beating Finland to get to the gold medal ice hockey final. Hopefully they’ll be playing Canada but we must get past a tough USA team first. Stay tuned!

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