An excellent Face de Charvet!

22 February 2014

The sun was out in full force today but with -11C at altitude and a breeze on the ridges it was fairly chilly in places. With that said my morning started off warm as I headed towards the Face du Charvet and had no idea that it was cold elsewhere. It was John and Margaret’s first off-piste morning since John broke nine ribs in early December and you might have thought that we’d do something simple, but the Face was beckoning and needed to be done, so we took the opportunity. Sorry John! The ambience was stunning as it’s always an impressive place, and with no one else about we could take our time. The snow was deep and although it wasn’t perfect, it needed some application and was great skiing right to the bottom. John was pretty tired by the Clochetons so he and Margaret peeled out. Bravo you two, it was a big ski after a long lay-off and you both did really well! Gideon and I then made our way to the Pays Desert where we felt the cold, via the ‘L’, Laisinant, and Combe du Signal.

Meanwhile, Andreas and TJ ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours and had a superb ski down in wonderful snow for their efforts. Bravo boys and well done Rollie and Oscar who are enjoying watching their Dad in action! Chris was on-piste this morning, Henry was up at the Fornet and Thomas had the day off after a week with Philip’s family.

Hopefully the Hammers can continue their winning ways this afternoon and that would be the perfect finish to a terrific day!

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