Blimey, that was wonderful!

23 February 2014

Wow! What a stunning morning Louise, Gideon and I savoured! We had a nice warm-up off the Verte and in the Lower Borsat en route to Tignes where I was thinking about the Hourglass Couloir off the Balme. After a closer inspection I decided to give it a miss and we headed upstairs via a lovely Alti-port to Wayne’s Shoulder, where we skied four rotations in deep, cold, winter snow, and we didn’t see anyone else all morning. (See photos) We then skied down by a terrific Cairn followed by an ‘as-good-as-it-gets’ Familial. It was a truly brilliant morning of maximum turns of the highest quality!

Meanwhile, TJ was up at the Fornet with his boys, Russell and Min for their last day of a wonderful holiday, and I’m sure they had a fabulous finish. Andreas had the day off and was skiing with a free-rider named Chippie and they skied the couloir on the Grande Balme, followed by the Petite Balme, then Mickey’s Ears on down to the lake where they walked across the bridge and hitch-hiked home. Nice one boys! Chris had a less adventurous day off and stayed at home and rested while working on their Gite’s website. Thomas and Henry were also off.

Thanks Laura for a superb evening last night with TJ, Rollie, Oscar, Russell, John, Margaret, Dawn, and the girls and I. The food was fantastic as usual and it was a lovely good-bye to the Baird clan. Thankfully John had forgiven me for yesterday’s Face du Charvet!

Sports Report- I was over the moon with West Ham’s fourth win in a row yesterday and the heady heights of 10th place. Thank goodness the owners kept faith in Big Sam, who’s a massive character and great for the game. Today’s Canadian Gold Medal against the Swedes in a 3-0 win in the Ice Hockey Final wasn’t too bad either!

PS Chris has been playing around with the website and is changing photos regularly so do run through the site and have a look.

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