A great morning after a frustrating start!

24 February 2014

The sun was out again today and we enjoyed another stunning day with wonderful weather and great skiing. Chris and I were heading to the Sachette via the Lavachet but ran into lift problems at Tommeuses, so we both went from ‘Plan A’ to ‘Plan C or D’. I ended up skiing the Borsat West, which was excellent and made better with a lovely sighting of six or seven Perdrix and the fact that the entrance was much easier than it could have been. From there we had a run on my shoulder, followed by a nice run in the steep in warm powder off the Genepy. We then ‘skinned’ for 10-minutes for winter snow in the Little Borsat West and finished with a brilliant Familial, which is at it’s best at the moment. It was a cracking morning after a slightly frustrating start!

Meanwhile Chris backtracked and ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup, and after climbing up in really warm conditions and worrying about it being cooked, Chris sniffed out some great snow. Andreas had a fantastic morning up at the Fornet where he ‘skinned’ up for the top pitch in the Pays Desert and finished up going over the Col for a lovely Col Pers.

Chris and I both worked this afternoon and skied the Col Pers while Andreas took Tansy for a ski and ‘skin’ in preparation for their upcoming trip to Norway.

I tried my new camera today so you’ll notice a lack of water spots in the scenic shots. It will take a while to get used to as I had trouble with the zoom because it’s quite powerful and I ended up over-zooming and taking loads of shots of patches of snow and no skiers! Hopefully I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

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