A Cracking Good Glacier Pers!

25 February 2014

We savoured today’s sunshine with relish as it’s forecast to be grey tomorrow and tonight’s predicted snowfall has been put off until tomorrow. Bummer! Anyway, we all had a wonderful day skiing great snow up and around the Fornet. Chris and I skied an excellent Glacier Pers and had a good escape through the grand Torsai, which is always a bonus.

Thomas was back in action and skied the Glacier Pers a couple of hours later, and witnessed 8 people being helicopter out of the gorge around 2:30. It’s the second time in the past few days so tourists are obviously following the wrong tracks! A skier was taken in a small slide yesterday in the Point Pers and escaped with a broken arm, and the Foglietta avalanched last week with a stack of people waiting to go in so we’ve had a bit of action considering the 2/5 avalanche risk.

Andreas has Peter H who’s here celebrating a belated 60th with Olivia and they skied the Col des Fours this morning along with Sky and Sean, and the Fours is still in top condition. Bravo to you all and Happy Sixtieth Peter, and I’ll know how you feel in the not too distant future! Henry was also skiing doing a HAT day and I’m not sure what he was up to on his adventures.

Wish us luck tomorrow but we’ve just enjoyed a fantastic run of wonderful skiing, and looking back on the season as a whole it’s been really good, and I’m sure we’ll ‘sniff’ something out tomorrow too! Sat tuned!

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