Absolutely Delicous!

26 February 2014

It was much brighter than forecast this morning and we profited with a jolly good ski. We skied the Sachette via the Verte and Borsat and as Sylvie said, “It was delicious!” The snow quality was excellent and untracked, and with just enough light shining through it was great skiing. We finished with the Familial, which has taken some wind and although it was still good skiing, it wasn’t a patch on what it’s been over the past few days.

I had a solid technique session this afternoon with Ron and his daughter Doris and by mid-afternoon the forecasted snow had arrived. It’s snowing beautifully at the moment (5:12PM) and with some sunshine expected in the morning we should be in for a fantastic day tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Thanks Russell for taking the girls out skiing this afternoon. They had a brilliant time and look forward to the next time!

(With cloudy and humid weather forecast for this morning I took my old camera out so you’ll notice the spots on the inside of the camera. Chris says my new camera has too much magenta in the mix and that he’ll help to sort it out on the weekend.)

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