'Maximum-turns with two short 'skins'!

27 February 2014

It snowed between 10 and 20cm’s overnight and with clear blue skies overhead it was game on for a wonderful morning. Chris, Henry and I all headed up to the Fornet and for the most part it was really quite stunning. My team skied fast and hard and we had a ‘maximum-turn’ morning with two ten-minute ‘skins’ thrown in to access the best snow of the morning. We started off the Laisinant for an excellent taster, followed by opening the Combe du Signal, then a very good 3300, followed by two ‘skins’ into the Pays Desert, then some bonus turns back home. Chris was in the neighbourhood with his camera gear (see photos) and he probably came up with some great shots.

Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup before working his way to the Fornet for the Vallonnet, all of which I’m sure was excellent, and Thomas reported a superb Col des Fours with his team. Thomas is rather excited as he’s off to Norway in the next day or two to spend a week touring with JM and Oli. Bon voyage Thomas and have a wonderful time!

I had a lovely afternoon with Doris and her Dad Ron and we returned to the Fornet and walked up into the Pays Desert in the same tracks made by a bloke I was curing this morning. He’s used Chris’ ‘skinning’ track to walk up, which made our second climb this morning more uncomfortable, but I was plenty happy to use his track this afternoon. Merci Monsieur, especially after thinking you were a berk this morning!

It’s peacefully quiet at the moment as Ray has taken the girls out into town and Gill is doing the shop as it’s Louise’s night off, but I’d better finish up and get the girls dinner ready. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as we await more snow this evening.

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