A Wonderful Face du Charvet!

28 February 2014

We had decent to excellent light early on this morning and after giving my team a vote, Fornet or a change of scenery, Chris piped up for a change of sector. I was thinking Wayne’s Shoulder but the Motte was under cloud so we skied the meadows down for the Borsat to the Grand Pre. From there we set the track and opened up the Face du Charvet, which was brilliant, and surprisingly good all the way to the bottom. From there we ‘skinned’ for ten minutes to the Col de la Madeleine and had lovely snow on the top half followed by 10cm’s on a spring base the rest of the way. The light had started to deteriorate by this stage and we finished off with another pleasant surprise with great quality top-to-bottom on the Marmottons/Marmottes to round off an adventurous and rather funky morning.

Chris and Andreas headed back up to the Fornet and had great skiing on the glacier before heading over the Col. They had terrific snow and good light most of the morning as well and it was another outstanding morning of top quality skiing.

I had a great afternoon of initiation to off-piste with Rosemary, Penny and Sandy. The light was flat enough for me to ski off a cornice, the same one that’s been there for thirty years, so I did feel a bit of a berk! Anyway, the girls did really well and they’re going out with Chris in the morning.

A little snow is forecast tonight with some in-and-out sunshine in the morning so with any luck we’ll be in for another great ski tomorrow. Come on you Hammers!

PS Happy Birthday Louise!

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