Surprise sunshine upstairs makes the difference this morning!

04 March 2014

I skied with Rory, a relation to TJ, and his pals Kit and Barney today and we benefited from some unexpected sunshine that really made for a stunning morning. After a quick Verte we skied the steep pitch under the Borsat chair and into the lower Borsat, followed by an excellent run in the Hourglass Couloir on the Balme, then three rotations on Wayne’s Shoulder. The clouds by this time had crept back in and we needed to ski the Cairn and Familial in flat-light to finish the morning.

After a good lunch at the Gourmandine we headed up to the Fornet but it was pretty foggy and after a run in the Combe du Signal we took the up-and-over and finished off a great day into the L.

Meanwhile Chris, Tejina and Suzanne skied the Borsat en route to the Chardonnet before opening up the first Col in the Sache, then he finished up a wonderful morning with the Familial. He then skied on the Pissailles with Clare and Tejina this afternoon. Andreas had a fantastic morning up at the Fornet and after skiing off the Signal poma had a couple of runs in the 3300. The fog rolled in, which put him off going over the Col, but the snow on the glacier was so good it didn’t matter.

Thanks Ray for taking the girls skiing this morning while Gill and Liz went to Cache 2000.

Sunshine is forecast for tomorrow so stay tuned!

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