A brillaint day at the Fornet!

05 March 2014

It was cold overnight and with clear blue skies we were all chomping at the bit to get going this morning. We all headed up to the Fornet and my team started off with an excellent run in the Combe du Signal, followed by two short ‘skins’ to make the most of a beautiful Pays Desert, then a terrific run over the Col Pers to finish a great morning. Andreas meanwhile, ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours for an fabulous run down followed by some bonus turns over the little Col. Bravo to his team for their efforts!

Unfortunately everyone’s mood was dampened by an injury to Clare who was skiing with Chris. She injured some knee ligaments and needed to be carted off the mountain by the Pisteurs, who did a fantastic job rescuing her from way out in the middle of the Pays Desert. Clare, Tejina, Chris and Suzanne were enjoying a hot chocolate and rum when I last spoke to them and Clare’s injury may not be as bad as originally feared. Good luck Clare!

Clare’s rescue makes you think about the chances we take during periods of flat-light, when we’re all skiing way off-piste in the middle of nowhere. Injuries in these circumstances would greatly increase the complications of the rescue. It also emphasises the importance of constantly finding the best snow possible, especially in poor vis, because besides being more pleasurable, good snow is much safer and less risky to injury.

Henry had a HAT day down in St Foy with a focus on beeper training and Thomas should be back from Norway soon.

Gill, Liz, Laura and the girls had a brilliant lunch in Tignes Les Boisses at the Hotel le Marais. They had a lovely table in the sunshine, the food was excellent and Gill definitely recommends it. (Booking is a must)

Sunshine is forecast for the next few days but we may have some clouds floating about in the morning. Stay tuned!

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