A stunning Vallonnet and Lechoir!

06 March 2014

It was another stunning day on the weather front and I returned to the Fornet for a fabulous morning in great snow. Gideon, Jerry, Alan and I started off taking the high road into the Vallonnet before ‘skinning’ for about five-minutes to access ‘clean’ and deep winter powder snow pretty much to the bottom. The views were wonderful (see photos) and it’s been a while since the last time I visited that part of the Vallonnet. From there we took a high-line into the Combe du Signal to ski above the shoulder on the far side, where the snow had taken a little heat but was still good skiing and the boys handled it really well. Next up was a trip over the Col for a Tour de Lechoir, which was excellent top-to-bottom, and we managed ‘clean’ snow from the Grand Torsai down, which was a real bonus!

Meanwhile, Andreas and Chris went off to Bonneval this morning and I haven’t heard from them. They should be returning in an hour or so and I’m sure there will be coverage of their adventures on the Facebook page this evening.

There was a tragic accident yesterday and a 22-year-old Frenchman was killed and his companion is in critical condition in hospital after they were swept off a cliff by a small avalanche. The slide took place between the two chair lifts on the Face de Bellevarde.

Thanks to Laura who’s taken care of Katie today while Gill and Millie have been down to Lyon to take Nana to the airport. Liz had a great time and thanks to all those who helped with the entertainment!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow so stay tuned!

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