Fabulous weather, wonderful snow!

07 March 2014

After dealing with flat-light and wishing for sunshine, after a few days of blue skies we’re suddenly finding ourselves wishing it would snow again. We’re in for another week of solid heat and we’ll need to be using our imagination to find soft snow as this sunny spell continues. We that said we all enjoyed another great day of skiing today as we milk whatever the mountain will give us.

I headed towards Tignes for a change of scenery and found some excellent skiing in the Borsat West. We spotted two Perdrix Blanche on the hike up and fortunately the entrance was the easiest it’s ever been, but first-timers up there still find it impressive and it’s always good ambience. After the Borsat West we worked our way to the Sachette, which was superb up high, great through the middle sections, and we found some good ‘scraps’ at the bottom. We finished off with a good Familial and I stopped off at the ruined farmhouse to have a picnic with the girls.

Meanwhile, Andreas and Henry headed up to the Glaciers Pers, which is still wonderful, and Chris, Tejina and Suzanne ‘skinned’ up to the Col Des Fours, which was great skiing but coming to an end due to tracks. It would be nice if people made a bit more of an effort to conserve the snow but most people just don’t get it, and besides spreading out and wasting snow some skiers and boarders seem to ski across the fall-line, which compounds the problem and is extremely annoying.

There was a one to a one-and-a-half metre plaque pop out on the traverse towards Mont Roup from the Borsat Chair. Someone on ‘skins’ set it off between 2 and 2:30 in the afternoon but I don’t think anyone was injured.

Stay tuned for heat and blue skies for the next week!

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