Here is a news item for John Yates-Smith.

28 May 2008

If you think it’s miserable in Britain at the moment, come to sunny Val d’Isère! There may be fresh snow up high, but here in the valley there’s bottomless rain, and several streams have already burst their banks. Of particular interest to our photographer, who’d left the keys in the Land Rover while he took the photo, was the fact that someone got in it and drove off! You’d have to be a naïve villain to nick a bright yellow car with a top speed of about 60 mph at one end of a single road, the other end of which passes the Gendarmerie at Bourg St Maurice! Almost as thick as the gang who held up the bakery on the last day of the season and made off with the takings. They were all arrested the next day. Their leader was a sacked employee. Not only had several motorists taken the number of the Twingo (his) zooming down the hill full of masked men, but it was noticed that they had tied up all the shop assistants except one – the evil genius’s girlfriend! Bit of a giveaway…

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