Ridiculously stunning weather with great skiing!

09 March 2014

The sun continues to beat down and the resort is totally tracked out, but we are still ‘sniffing’ out fantastic snow and great skiing. Maybe I should start using code for where we’re skiing as each little stash becomes more precious with each passing day. I’ll let the photos do the talking and Chris and Andreas will post some Facebook shots, but I thought this morning was excellent with my team skiing in Tignes and Chris and Andreas skiing up at the Fornet.

Millie and Katie are skiing all day every day this week with their Ski Loisir teams, and my old beau-frere Pav is in town and I’m about to meet up with he and his pals to watch a little rugby. Speaking of rugby, I hope TJ survived Scotland’s agonising defeat yesterday. It would have been excruciating for him to watch!

Full on sun is forecast again for tomorrow although Ray’s site seems to think it may be cloudy without any new snow. I don’t like that the sound of that site much! Stay tuned!

PS Just watched the England vs Wales match and thought it was fantastic. And boy, that Leigh Half-Penny bloke has a serious boot on him!

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