Great effort all round boys!

10 March 2014

Ray’s forecast of some light cloud cover was correct this morning, but whatever thin cloud we had disappeared pretty jolly quickly and was never really a factor, and it ended up even warmer than yesterday. It was another fantastic morning of powder snow with Chris heading towards the Fornet, my team skiing towards Tignes, and Andreas hanging around in the middle. Thomas has returned for his trip to Norway and was working this morning but I’m not too sure where he skied. Henry had an intro to touring day and I’m not sure where he was either, although I could take a guess!

Check the photos and Facebook page and as Trevor, who’s from Newcastle in Northern Ireland and skiing with Alpine for the first time said, “that was a high-five kind of morning!”

Relentless sun is forecast and it seems ages ago when we were skiing in fabulous snow in flat-light and hoping for some sun to give us a little relief. A day of snow and flat-light would be extremely welcome now! Stay tuned as the boys continue to ‘sniff’ out great skiing in tough circumstances. Bravo boys!

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