What a brilliant ski that was!

11 March 2014

Wow! After some deliberation this morning and a prod from Chris the two of us headed for a 1-hour and 45-minute ‘skin’ and we were rewarded with stunning snow top-to-bottom. I haven’t been that way for years (because it is quite a long way) and after cutting out right for a ‘sniff’ we found some great slopes up high and lovely gullies towards the bottom. (See photos)

Thomas and Henry headed off towards Tignes while Andreas went down to St Foy on a reconnaissance mission. He had a great day out with ambience and an interesting-to- say-the-least entrance, but it’s not the easiest of conditions on the North Face. After the massive avalanche a few weeks back the fracture line, which is over a metre deep, needs to be negotiated on the side-slip in and it’s making for a pretty tricky entrance. Thanks for the info Andreas!

Millie and Katie are doing their first-ever torchlight descent tonight with their Ski Loisir groups. They meet at the Triffolet restaurant at 5:30 and are entertained until the descent at 7 o’clock. Gill and I haven’t seen them all day as Ray took them for lunch and they’re staying with their ski groups until the torchlight. Boy, they’re going to miss this place!

More sun is forecast for another week but we still have some options. Stay tuned!

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