10/10 !

12 March 2014

I received a fun email from Simon yesterday who’s been playing a game with his pals called ‘Where’s Wayne?’ Since I’ve gone into ‘code mode’ due to the lack of fresh snow, tracks, and sun and wind damage, they’ve been trying to guess where we’ve skied through the photos. Well done on correctly guessing yesterday’s itinerary Simon!

After taking a long traverse yesterday and getting a good feel for the snow on various aspects, Chris and I took a calculated risk and ended up having a superb morning. We had three ‘skins’, one of 30-minutes, then 12-minutes and finally18-minutes, all of which opened up some wonderful skiing in powder snow. I’m under pressure now as Ian and Adrian have promised me some golf in Scotland in exchange for two more days of powder, but it’s not getting any easier!

Thomas meanwhile ‘skinned’ to where we skied yesterday and will have had a stunning time and Andreas had a brilliant day skiing down to Bonneval. I can tell you that one because I can’t see too many people following his tracks down there!

Millie and Katie loved their torchlight descent last night followed by fireworks. Unfortunately Millie took an ice-ball in the eye while standing up for a friend and was in a lot of pain last night, but fortunately she made the trip to Italy today with her Ski Loisir group. She’s been looking forward to the trip for two seasons and has text to say how much fun they’re having. Merci beaucoup Tchenko! And well done Katie for getting your Fleche de Bronze yesterday. Brilliant!

More sun is forecast and I need to get my imaginative thinking cap on as I’d love to play golf in Scotland with the boys!

PS Trevor, it was a pleasure skiing with you and I look forward to seeing you next season.

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