A big avalanche in the Arcelle!

13 March 2014

Today was significantly hotter than what we’ve experienced so far during this high-pressure spell and as the powder dries up today’s heat will help to set up some of the spring slopes at altitude. Still, for my team it was another day focusing on powder snow with about 20 turns on spring snow thrown in. This period of keeping quiet about where we’ve skied makes the update much easier to write and bravo to Simon who’s guessed correctly two days in a row!

I stayed in the centre of the resort and did a couple of short walks, as did Henry, and Thomas was in the neighbourhood but his team ’skinned’ for two-and-a-half hours for some wonderful snow. Blimey, well done Team Thomas! Chris and Andreas ‘skinned’ in Tignes and they had a great morning for their efforts.

There was a huge avalanche in the Arcelle towards the Cugnai at noon today. Rumour has it that someone was buried for 30-minutes but was dug out alive due to the superb work of the rescue services. We saw a helicopter take off from the top of Bellevared and as soon as it headed towards the Arcelle we could see it’s purpose. Three heli’s were in on the rescue, which is pretty rare, and I’ve posted a couple of photos taken from long distance.

More and more sun is forecast so stay tuned for more photos and news tomorrow.

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